Mobility – National

What is national mobility?

National mobility means:

  • graduates of Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board-accredited programs in Canada will have their academic credentials recognized across the country
  • a licensed engineer in one province or territory in Canada can get quickly licensed to practise engineering in other provinces or territories

Why is national mobility important?

National mobility:

  • enhances career options for graduates and engineers
  • facilitates mobility of qualified labour
  • provides flexibility for graduates and engineers to work in any part of Canada
  • reduces duplication of work related to admissions at the provincial and territorial associations
  • reduces duplication of work for graduates and engineers

Who does national mobility apply to?

  • Graduates of Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board-accredited programs in Canada
  • Licensed engineers

How does national mobility work?

The federal government’s Agreement on Internal Trade facilitates the mobility of licensed engineers. This agreement enables any worker qualified for an occupation in one part of Canada to have access to employment opportunities within that occupation in any other province or territory.

  • If you are a graduate of a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board-accredited program, you need to ask your school to send your transcript directly to the association where you are applying
  • If you are a licensed engineer, you need to complete an application form. The association will check that you are a member in good standing of your current association prior to accepting your application

For more information

Call Ken McMartin, FEC, P.Eng., M.Eng., Practice Lead, Mobility and International, at 613-232-2474 ext. 264. Or, send Ken an email.