Fellowships Program

What are Engineers Canada Fellowships?

The fellowships honour individuals who have given noteworthy service to the engineering profession through their work with either Engineers Canada or its provincial and territorial engineering regulatory bodies.

Why nominate someone for an Engineers Canada Fellowship?

These fellowships provide national recognition from your peers for your service and contribution to the engineering profession.

Who can be nominated for an Engineers Canada Fellowship?

Individuals can be nominated by Engineers Canada or its engineering regulatory bodies based on the following criteria:

  1. Professional engineers who have:
    1. assumed office as president of Engineers Canada Board
    2. assumed office as chair of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board or the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board
    3. assumed office as president of one of Engineers Canada’s engineering regulatory bodies
    4. served the engineering profession in a volunteer capacity for at least 10 years. The total length of service can be a combination of service on Engineers Canada’s boards, committees and/or service as a volunteer for an Engineers Canada engineering regulatory body
    5. served in a senior staff capacity with Engineers Canada or with an engineering regulatory body for a minimum of seven years
  2. Individuals who have provided an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the engineering profession within Canada.
  3. Non-engineers who have met the requirements of criteria mentioned above may use the designation FEC (hon.).
  4. Recipients of the following Engineers Canada award categories:
    • Gold Medal Award
    • Meritorious Service Award for Professional Service
    • Meritorious Service Award for Community Service
    • Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education
    • Award for the Support of Women in the Engineering Profession

Note: Please contact your engineering licensing association for additional information regarding Fellowship criteria 1d and 1e.

Engineers Canada reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or amend any award, scholarship and/or fellowship without prior notice.

Can I nominate myself?

Nominations must come from Engineers Canada or one of its provincial or territorial engineering regulatory bodies.

When are nominations accepted?

The regulatory bodies can submit names to Engineers Canada for consideration at any time.

How do I identify a Fellow?

You can search the database by recipient name, award name, or year received

How do I get a replacement Fellowship pin?

If your pin is damaged or lost, please send Lucy an email to request a replacement at no charge.

For more information

For more information about Engineers Canada’s awards, scholarships, or Fellowship opportunities, contact Lucy Lefebvre, Outreach Program Administrator: lucy.lefebvre@engineerscanada.ca