Engineers Canada Accreditation Board

What does the Engineers Canada Accreditation Board do?

The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board accredits undergraduate engineering programs. These programs provide the academic requirements for licensure as a professional engineer in Canada.

Why does the Engineers Canada Accreditation Board exist?

  • To ensure Canada’s engineering education system remains amongst the best in the world
  • To set national standards for engineering education
  • To provide expertise and efficiency in assessing engineering education on behalf of the provincial and territorial engineering regulatory bodies

Who does the Engineers Canada Accreditation Board report to?

The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board is a committee of the Engineers Canada Board.

Several sub-committees assist the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board in its work, including:

  • Executive Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Policies and Procedures Committee

Who are the members of the Engineers Canada Accreditation Board?

Our members are volunteers. They are senior engineering practitioners from academia, the public sector and private industry.

2014-2015 Engineers Canada Accreditation Board

Seated left to right: Rakesh Shreewastav, FEC, P.Eng., (Board representative); Wayne MacQuarrie, FEC, P.Eng. (Vice-Chair); Gérard Lachiver, FIC, ing., (Chair); Malcolm J. Reeves, FEC, P.Eng. (Past-Chair); Emily Cheung, FEC, P.Eng. (Board representative)

Standing left to right: Paula Klink, P.Eng.; Danilo Candido, FEC, P.Eng.; Jacques Paynter, FEC, P.Eng.; Michael Isaacson, FEC, P.Eng.; Graham Reader, FEC, P.Eng.; Pemberton Cyrus, FEC, P.Eng.; Richard J. Kind, FEC, P.Eng.; Jeff K. Piper, FEC, P.Eng.; Luigi Benedicenti, FEC, P.Eng.; Robert Dony, FEC, P.Eng.; Pierre G. Lafleur, ing.; Nadia Baaziz, ing.

For more information

For more information about the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, contact Lynn Villeneuve, Practice Lead, Accreditation: